Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

This museum is unbelievable. Once you’re there you can feel involved with every style, and that’s exactly what Baroness Thyssen explains at one of the walls: “I admire art ability to move and join human beings”

In this post I would like to show you all works of art that impressed… I couldn’t see them all, but that’s ‘cas I always promise myself to go back…

Brown and Silver by Jackson Pollock

the Cock by Marc Chagall

  Express by Robert Rauschenberg (my fave!!!)


Llubov Popova

Bullfight by Picasso

Telephone Boots by Richard Estes

Drill Machine by Frantisek Kupka

Roy Lichtenstein

Timothy Behrens by Michael Andrews

Amiens Cathedral by Yurij Annenkok

 People’s Flowers by Richard Estes

I really encourage you (again) to visit this museum… it’s not very expensive, and inspiration you can get from there is just Amazing!!!

I gotta admit there were many other masterpieces I will never forget like Monet, Sorolla, Cézanne, Durero, Gauguin, Bacon… etc but I don’t want to post them, ‘cas I want you to visit this Museum… It completaly worths it 😉


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