Todo o Nada by Mario Testino

Todo o Nada by Mr. Testino is the expo you can visit at Thyssen Museum in Madrid… And this week I had some hours to spend getting some inspiration there, not only from Testino… also from Masters like Picasso, Dali, Sorolla… and of course Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky and my fave!!!: Rauschenberg!!!

Of course, like in every museum in the World, pics aren’t permitted… but since my breaking rules spirit comes with me on every trip I could take just one pic: yeahhh!!!  

Anyway, thanx to internet you can enjoy Testino images again, if u hadn’t seen any in Vogue yet 😉

 These are just some of the pictures you can see… but there still many more.

Todo o Nada means Everything or Nothing… as you can see, women photographed by Testino are very well dressed, but little by little they are getting undressed until total nudity. For some people that nudity could be nothing, or everything… Testino thinks that depends on the audience.

5 € full price

3.5 € with Carnet Jove

Pd: I made a new post with the whole collection on my new fashion blog ¬¬


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