Wedding Fair

Sunday Sunday Sunday… For me sundays are for relax, but if a friend tells you to go to a wedding fair to pick some information up, you can’t deny urself, can you?

first thing I’d got was this beautiful “fake” chocolate that almost broke my teeth!!! ¬¬

but she was good, and after that dissapointing “bite” she gave me some good stuff for my next holidays 😉

this is sweet Neni with the “pinkiest” (sorry if this word isn’t correct) limousine in Spain

inside Hammer Limousine:

  We saw pink, and we immediately thought in Angi!!! They said it was the only one pink Hammer Limousine in Spain…

Then everybody was trying to get our information, they saw my boy’s look and I think they thought we were “girlfriends”, they started to ask for “our” wedding date ¬¬


 As you can see, there were many transport options for a wedding plan, but there also were travels, planners, hotels, Houses, Caterings, Florists, photographers…

I’d got a little stressed, and I’m not planning in getting married :/ I think I don’t wanna know about it (this year) 😉


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