Stop the Clocks by Oasis

You gotta think I’m an idiot for buying a CD in these times… but I had to ¬¬

It’s been YEARS since last time… A month ago I went to FNAC with my bro (who stills buying them) and I saw The Oasis Definitive Collection

They were my favorite band when I was 12. A flashback came to my mind: Me LOVING Liam Gallagher to death (and his wild Manchester accent)… yes I used to think Manchester was the coolest place ever!!! (just like Beatles fans with Liverpool)

Anyway that’s why I couldn’t help buying this Collection… When I’d got home I was so freaking happy and guess what??? my laptop couldn’t read them (any!!! ¬¬) That was too much!!! 

I’m posting this now ‘cas Today, after a month, I’m playing them 😀 and I can say again:



Even I’m so happy with my old new toy, they forgot VERY important songs from third album!!! C ‘mon!!! BE HERE NOW!!!!: D’ you know what I mean?, Don’t go away, Stand by me…


One Response to “Stop the Clocks by Oasis”

  1. Felice Says:

    I adore you. This post came up on my Google Alert for Liam… xx

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