My BDay Dinner

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I wanted to eat peruvian food for my Bday and I did it!!! I saw many of you enjoying with food and believe me: that was the Best Gift you could ever give me!!!

I know most of you didn’t even hear about peruvian food before, that’s why I’m glad you enjoyed my choise… and when I saw people asking pisco sours… it was lovely!!! thank you!!!!

I would like to thank as well to every person that came last night, ‘cas I know we’re in december, I know people need extra money to buy gifts, people work on sunday, people this, people that… I’m concerned about the effort most of you did last night. that’s why I have a big THANK YOU for you (again ¬¬)

Thanx again for your wonderful voices singing Happy Birthday!!!

Thanx Pato for your Cheesecake

Thanx Claire and Nuria for coming!!!! and for the gift, I really didn’t expect it!!! Thank you

Thanx Guru people for ur patience, for waiting!!!

Thanx Romero and Vicente for coming even you didn’t know anybody there

Thanx Neni for helping me on every detail!!! and for ur patience when I was getting a “little” stressed ¬¬

Thanx Ferran for carring cheesecake for a while 😉



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