The Pequeños Monsters

I remember that day like it was yesterday… It was 9am, I was on the train on my way to work and I started reading facebook updates… everybody was posting they were already in the line, or that they had people in line keeping a place for them… I freaked out and I called my brother (who was in bed yet), I asked him to wake up and go there!!!

He found people camping out there… and running like crazy to “fake door opennings”…

In the line we found some Tokio Hotel fans, and they said organisation then was wide better, many cops controlling crazy teenagers 😮

We saw some of “Fisica y Quimica” (spanish series) cast member… of course I can’t tell you his name ‘cas I don’t even watch it (and I don’t remember)… I just know he’s one of the gays (don’t ask me which ¬¬)

  The Best part is feeling that thousands of souls are waiting for the same thing…. wavessss, wavesss, wavessss….

 Here we are with Catalan Gagas

And Ren goofing with his fancy crayon glasses (inspired on cigarrettes glasses Gaga wears on Telephone’s video) that’s what I call originality 😉


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