My Blog is on fire

Last week I received some info from They just wanted to let me know my blog is ON FIRE!!!

 This blog was visited by 3.900 people during 2010, and this is The Macchiato’s Post Top 5:

Number 1: Todo o Nada by Mario Testino

My visit to Thyssen Museum in Madrid for this special exposition was the most visited post in 2010… I’m planning to repeat a post on my new blog (macchiatolovesfashion) with the whole exposition then… can’t wait!!! (below). At the moment this is the link to visit Macchiato’s number one post:

and the new post with the whole collection:

Number 2: Juliette’s 27th bday

One of the hottest nights I had in 2010 was the second most visited post. Julio’s Bday “pica-pica” pst just showed me (once again) that he has so many friends 😉

Number 3: Go Spain Go!!!

2010 won’t be forgotten by any spanish at all… first ‘cas Waka Waka and second ‘cas Spain got the last Soccer World Cup in Southafrica… Probably that’s why my post before the final match was one of the most visited

Number 4: Gute Nacht!!!

The latest visit to Barcelona from one of my sweetheart in the wolrd (Julia) was the forth most visited post. I love you!!!!!

Number 5: New York by Manel Doblas

This was just one of the posts I enjoyed the most doing… It was also an opportunity to make a facebook friendship with the artist and know his latest work

This is just a little piece of Macchiato in Covent Garden… just don’t quit visiting this 2011. Best Wishes for you all!!!


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