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Sagrada Familia

April 3, 2011


We saw Sagrada Familia from outside… resting from walking. what a nice view 😉


Camp Nou experience

April 3, 2011

Camp Nou experience was really cool… they use technology to take you to the amazing Barça World!!! Tinus loves football so he didn’t wanna miss the opportunity to visit Camp Nou XD

here’s where the stars use to be…


this is from where journalist watch everything

you can also touch the Cup for 15 € I think ¬¬ Of course I’m not that fan Lol

Parc Güell

April 3, 2011


One of my favorite places in Barcelona is Parc Güell… it is very nice, of course sometimes I think It would be nicer with no tourists on it (just kidding)

We did a picnic!!! we brought bread, tomato, olive oil and cured ham… and then, just a little walk to burn calories 😉

Japanese tourist: