Cebiche in Barcelona

Hello everybody!!! First you gotta know I’m a big cebiche fan, second… I live in Barcelona. I’ve watched a thousand videos on youtube about how to make the perfect cebiche, and they all say fish must be fresh, well… I made this with frozen fish and It was really good… so this post is for all my cebiche lovers!!! God I could eat this everyday!!!

First thing to do to make the perfect cebiche in Barcelona… Go to La Boqueria


First cut fish in squares, leave them with salt and pepper.

Then squeeze all limes and mix the juice with garlic, salt, pepper, 1 aji limo (cut and clean without veins) and 2 or 3 squares of fish. Please use a blender!!!

Boil yuccas, sweet potatoes and cornbos.

Cut the onion and the other aji limo (little pieces).

15 minutes before to serve, mix the onion with the fish and shower with the previous juice.

Cut some cilantro and mix it with our beautiful cebiche ;P

I’m not an expert, just a lover… but my friends liked it

jbjkhkThis post is also dedicated to one of my most loved friends in Barcelona. He’s moving to Lima next week, so very good luck dear Chapa!!! Hope to see you very soon!!!



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