Le Soleil

DSCN6197Bonjour my friends! It’s been my second week in Versailles and I hardly could see  “only” this. First week snow, then  clouds, then rain… always cold! While my family in Barcelona keeps showing me sunshine through Skype camara… Geesh. So this is me basically wishing a little bit of sunshine today!!! Cross your fingers!!!

Anyway, these pics I’m posting today are from the only one day I could see the sun. I just had a walk.

It’s been decent, not freezing… I’m just a little grumpy ‘cas I didn’t have enough sleep (thank you Bianca lol)

DSCN6200 When I visited Paris for first time I couldn’t visit Versailles., and that was something I never could forget… Of course I wasn’t wrong, I had to visit it. No matter what the weather circunstances are, it’s impossible to deny its beauty 🙂

DSCN6202I have more things to post. Don’t freak out!!! (lol, I know you don’t)…

On my winter captivity I’ve made great founds that I hope to share with you as soon as I can…

Later today Paris and tomorrow Normandy (no internet connection where I’ll stay Geesh)

Gros Bisous!!!



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