L’art n’est pas un crime


Hello everyone!!! I’m HORRIBLY SICK!!! I know sometimes we don’t want to listen to our bodies (or at least I didn’t want to last saturday) but when you feel a little shaky, just stay home 😉

Anyway here’s my brief chronic of a saturday that started “magnifique” and turned shady ‘cas of stupid cold!!! Lol

I was talking to a friend, and she said: well… a friend of a friend is doing an Art-performance at a Paris metro station, do you want to come?

Of course I asked for a little more information about the whole thing and I thought well… Why not? I can go and see “The friend of a friend of my friend” from a certain distance…

We met the group just when they were planning everything. Of course I wans’t planning on participate…  well… sometimes things just don’t go as u think they will I guess… so I became the “flyer demoiselle” which had to explain people what was that guy doing… Geesh Lol


The project is called ADbuster, where the artist turns into a walking billboard, offering people the chance to place any advertisement on him. I think a criticism to the usage of nudity in publicity. Why people don’t say anything when models show themselves with no clothes on? Why that absolut impunity? People is obviously paying more attention to the “naked” model than the product is been introduced. Well I wish I could say those double standards are the reason of my sickness today (lol), but they are not…

It was only cold and me trying to party hard that night… Who was I trying to lie??? Lol

Anyway, turning to the Project… Reactions were unbelievable… people covering children’s eyes, looking, not looking, smiling, taking pictures, grumbling… specially Pompidou Museum guards…

554976_572484536109777_393587637_nIronically the wall were we found “L’art n’est pas un crime” graffiti (Art is not a crime) was next to that museum

Personally, every performance capable to capture your attention and awake your senses, and at the same time able to motivate you in some sort of way is art, therefore not a crime my friend!!!

The artist is Mischa Badasyan, a young Russian fellow, who lives in Berlin, and I was very pleased to meet…

If you want to check his website: http://mischabadasyan.com/gallery/56941/adbuster/

That is a direct link to his ADbuster project work in other european capitals

I would like to thank Bianca for inviting me

and Michel Traverse for sharing some of his pics on this post. You can enjoy some of his work as well: http://micheltraverse.com/

Hope to see you all someday somewhere somehow 😉


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