How to survive in Paris…

DSCN6219Hey! How are you guys? I’m feeling a lot better now, thanx for asking… (lol).

Well this weekend It’s been my first month here, and I’ve done many things and met many people.

At this point I can probably start giving  you some tips, my friends and I were think¡ng about, to survive in Paris (one of the most expensive cities in Europe) with very little money… not very much to be honest…

All of them have been absolutely tested…

Tip Number 1: Go to a Museum and pretend you’re a European student under 26 years old

This worked once to us, some of us were older than 26, or not students or not Europeans… and we got there. The trick: If you’re a group of girls always try to get a guy when buying the tickets. Smile and Voilá. Lol

Note! It’s not 100% guaranteed. A friend tried it another day and It didn’t work. That ‘cas they couldn’t avoid a girl when buying tickets 😦

Tip Number 2: Grocery a lot

Make sure you get loaded for starving moments… If it gets really cold, you can always get into a coffee shop, order something warm that matches with biscuits you got previously, and grab your handbag “under the table” (literally)… We’ve done it. Hilarious. Keep your handbag always loaded…

Tip Number 3: Recycling Shopping

Paris is well-known for its expensive boutiques… Well I would say, there’s another option to follow the trends: Second Hand Stores!!! Some are quite expensive, but some others are very interesting… like KILO SHOP ( ) or Free P Star (Next to Kilo Shop)

DSCN6189Or other shops you can find walking through Rue Vieille du Temple…

Tip Number 4; Look for Gastronomy Opennings

Good quality Food almost for free… I say almost ‘cas we had to pay our Spritzes (5€) but It’s absolutely worthy, ‘cas free mozzarella chesse is always tremendous!!!

Anyway, This is all for now… hopefully I can give you more tips soon…

Enjoy of the Sun if you have it. Tell him I say hello, It would be nice to meet someday… Geessh!!!


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