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Hôtel de Crillon, Jazz and Olimpics

April 1, 2013


Bonjour Everyone!!! Here is what I would call:  Productive Sunday Summary!!!

Our day started different… time changed and we were far away from home (this last thing is not that weird since we’re here actually)…

We had to be at Hôtel de Crillon entrance at 1pm… of course we weren’t looking great enough to pop up there… (night before was simply Epic)…

After a little while (ages…) we could get there and see how beautiful is Le Crillon inside, before its closure…

DSCN6367  DSCN6391DSCN6396We visited the Bernstein suite, where Madonna stayed last july, the Louis XV suite, Presidential suites and other historical rooms.

Everything looks so antique and refined… I enjoyed a lot. Thank you Matt for your invitation.

Then a little snack…


After chilling for a while at Le Crillon lobby, we met some people in Montmartre for a little live music session and beers… and olives LOL


Believe it or not… day wasn’t over. Sophie told us about a concert at L’International. Now I’m obsessed with that band! Here’s a little teaser I found on youtube:

Trust me they sound a lot better in live…

Remember their name: Olympics

Like I said before, I can’t complain about my sunday… plans appear magically. Actually most of my mates are planning to start a blog… ‘cas this is “incroyable”!!!