It’s been a while I know…


but I’ve been doing many things this last year!!! I finished my first patchwork quilt (I really can’t wait to start a new project), I started to watch Game of Thrones and Vikings, I read many books, I discovered many shops, teas, flavours… I made some new friends and I lost some others :/ but it’s alright… life can’t be pink all the time, even if you’re living at Piaf’s “belle ville”… La vie n’est pas rose…

I remember first time I visited Paris in 2006 I said “I would never live in Paris” specially after seeing my friend’s tiny room (no shower included)… She just said “life in Paris is very expensive”… “and weather is shitty” I thought. So what two great reasons to NEVER live in it.


This is me “à l’époque” (2006)

Then in 2013 I said “I go to Paris to learn french”… only. Now in 2014 I think I’m losing my english!!!

At the beginning I used to hate Paris (specially its weather) and little by little I learnt to like it, so maybe by sharing some stuff I do here I’ll help you to love it too… Who knows??? (I promise I used to be a big hater).

I actually have a 1000 things to write and I don’t even know where to start. I just hope my experience (now in the City of Light) will help you to choose better when coming for visit or longer…

like I say now: NEVER SAY NEVER!!!


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