Fête de la Musique in Paris

111461-la-fete-de-la-musique-2014-a-paris-et-en-ile-de-france-2Fête de la Musique means literally Party of Music and it happens once a year in many French cities and probably somewhere else… they just play live music on every corner… Masses attend to big shows (a friend told me one year they had U2 playing for free in Palais Royal), and yesterday there was Lana de Rey playing somewhere else as well. So there’s always a big fish playing. But if you ever thought Paris is quite crowdy, wait to see Paris a day like yesterday…

If you have the chance to be here next year I would recommend you to pick a program (which are everywhere a week before) and check best options at the closest  “arrondissements”, just in case there something you don’t want to miss… but if you have tendence to stress yourself when there are many shows to choose, or you’re simply too lazy to decide you can do as I did. Join to a group next to the river, drink, talk, decide later…


If you just want to run away from crowds, good luck to find a room for a nice and quite picnic… hard but possible at the 16eme arrondissement.

I hope my little experience about this big day in Paris helps you a little for next editions.

Big Kisses!!!



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