Living in Paris is €xp€n$iv€

Hello everybody!!! On this post I would like to talk about the hardest thing when you live in Paris: find a home sweet home!

The other day I was waiting for a friend to join me in St Michel, thanks God you have something to look at when you are waiting at that metro station: Gibert Jaune book store!!! Most of the books are in french but you can find really good stuff if you are a crafty maniac like me 😉 I found sewing and brodery books I could not buy at that moment because I didn’t want to walk all over the city with 10kilos in my hand bag, even that I could find a lovely (and useful) guide book at the offers section (cover picture). I payed 3€ for it but it’s full of ideas for independent girls who are planning to stay still 🙂

It’s a 2011 edition, that’s the reason of the price.

Personally I haven’t had the “searching parisian flat experience”, I have the luck of paying very little for my studio which has a decent space but it is really far away from Paris… Another con of my studio is that it’s already furnished… Which means I don’t feel it mine yet… Even that when I was reading this little guide I started to dream like a little girl…

I don’t have many friends in Paris, but people I know use to say: “in Paris is easier to find a job than to find where to live”. So if you are planning to come here you better be ready for anything (people renting kitchens as a room or rooms with no shower, as I already said on a previous post) or simply pay an agency, which are quite expensive (mostly 10% of a year rent amount for not furnished flats or a month of rent for a furnished one). 20m2 Studios in Paris cost 800€ aprox. Depending on the area. An aprox total amount when moving in Paris is 3200€.

Other than that Paris is a great city!!! Once you find where to stock your treasures when shopping books, deco stuff, antiques, etc etc etc trust me those are many future posts!!!

Moral of the present post: Find a home in Paris is hard but it worths every of the many €€€ you will expend 😉 no matter what, don’t give up!!! This guide says it’s possible!!!

Keep dreaming 🙂


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