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What a World Cup!!!

July 13, 2014


Hello everybody!!! Today it rains in Paris, and tonight is the FIFA World Cup final between Germany and Argentina.

This World Cup started weird to me… Spain (my beloved team) lost 5-1 against my other beloved, the Netherlands. Then we lost against Chile, then I didn’t want to watch the match against Australia.


Then I focused watching other teams like Costa Rica, USA and Colombia which made me beat until the last minute before losing their chance to continue 😦


My fave: James from Colombia 🙂

Then the unbelievable happened:


Brazil lost (7-1) against Germany, and it seems the World will never be the same…


This just confirm my theory: We never know in football!!! That’s why even Germany scored 7 goals to Brazil, I think Argentina has a chance to win this 2014 World Cup. Personally I never support Argentina in World Cups but I think this time Messi deserves this Cup more than anybody later on that field…

That’s why all my support goes for Argentina tonight!!!

Happy World Cup Final to all football/soccer fans!!!