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Alone in Clignancourt Market

August 27, 2014


I know title doesn’t match at all with the photo… but I’m posting this ‘cas that day was a great day and I didn’t plan it.

First I woke up with a plan: “Going with a friend to Clinangcourt Market” (I go everytime I have a chance). For people who does not know what it is, I’m talking about a mine of treasures!!! A huge flea market!!! So, back to my story… I had a plan. That morning I called her and she didn’t feel like going so I was nice and I told her not to worry about it… I was hopeful… I knew I was going to find somebody else to go with. Basically because going alone to a dangerous flea market wasn’t in my plans. I called and messeged people but nobody was available… BIG SH*** After that “lose of control” moment I decided to go by myself… Yes alone. My founds: a strips french navy tshirt and a fake Monet for 5€. I was very proud of this last found ‘cas only golden wood frames cost 15€ in flea markets. After many hours in the market I could contact some friends who told me that going to Rosa Bonheur (in Buttes Chaumont park) was a good sunday plan. I’d never heard of it. Maybe because I’m not gay. So I went there with my fake Monet and we had the time of our lives!!! We ate a great spanish ham for 6€, we drunk funny beers for 5.50€ (6€ later, don’t ask me when… I simply don’t remember), and we danced Ace of Base and Spice Girls like FOLLES!!!

That’s what I call a good Parisian deal!!!

My recommendations:

1. If you plan to go to Clinangcourt Market, try to go as confy as you can. Tennis shoes are a must, as much as a very discreet purse (big enough to carry money and phone). And the most important: PRACTICE YOUR BADASS FACE in front of a mirror before to leave your house. That’s the face you’re going to need when people trying to sell you stolen phones start trying to steal yours under the bridge. Be very careful

2. If you plan to go to Rosa Bonheur on sundays grab a gay mate. On saturdays you can be more flexible with the gay requirement 😉