I heart Betty the blogger


Hello my friends!!! I know you’re not so many (yet) but I’m a believer!!! Today was a normal day. I just had to delete all playlists on my phone to have some “insane abs” videos (another long story). So I had music on my headphones until 4G started to fall down (stupid metro signal). The good news is that thanks to that I stopped at a Relay and I found what I was looking for so many days: Paulette magazine!!! With Betty Autier on the cover. I knew about it because she posted it on her facebook site. I knew I had to have that number!!!

I found Betty’s blog in 2008 and since then I follow her. Because she’s natural, she’s fresh, and damn we like same stuff!!! She just can get it first!!! Lol. I’m glad she makes tones of money with her blog because it’s a truth source of inspiration. I’m just quite sad ‘cas she’s moving to L.A. And that means less chances for me to see her on the street now that I live Paris.

If you are a cute and good girl and you didn’t know about Betty’s blog until this moment, don’t miss any other minute:



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