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Ren’s Day

December 20, 2010

Sorry for not posting on the right day…

Best wishes!!! and please STUDY HARD!!!

I ❤ you

This pic was taken before Ren’s bday dinner, I like it 😉


My BDay Dinner

December 12, 2010

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I wanted to eat peruvian food for my Bday and I did it!!! I saw many of you enjoying with food and believe me: that was the Best Gift you could ever give me!!!

I know most of you didn’t even hear about peruvian food before, that’s why I’m glad you enjoyed my choise… and when I saw people asking pisco sours… it was lovely!!! thank you!!!!

I would like to thank as well to every person that came last night, ‘cas I know we’re in december, I know people need extra money to buy gifts, people work on sunday, people this, people that… I’m concerned about the effort most of you did last night. that’s why I have a big THANK YOU for you (again ¬¬)

Thanx again for your wonderful voices singing Happy Birthday!!!

Thanx Pato for your Cheesecake

Thanx Claire and Nuria for coming!!!! and for the gift, I really didn’t expect it!!! Thank you

Thanx Guru people for ur patience, for waiting!!!

Thanx Romero and Vicente for coming even you didn’t know anybody there

Thanx Neni for helping me on every detail!!! and for ur patience when I was getting a “little” stressed ¬¬

Thanx Ferran for carring cheesecake for a while 😉


Miss Steffi Bday

November 29, 2010

Last night I had the time of my life!!! I just wanted a couple drinks, sing Happy Birthday to Stefano and then go home… Obviously I had more than 2 drinks, tiramisu, and lots of Laughs, specially with Youtube moment: Labatamanta Rocks!!!

Get a Room moment!!!

I promise I wasn’t going anywhere… later I turned up at “Arena Clasica” ¬¬ singing Wannabe or 70’s spanish hits…

Happy birthday Julie!!!

October 1, 2010

I know I’ve been saying happy birthday a lot, but I promise this is the last (today)…

This is Julie, and she’d appeared in previous posts before, but today is her birthday and that’s why she is on Macchiato, again 😉

Julie I hope you have a great day, and a great year!!! Hope to see you again!!! you know: No matter distance or time, we will always have FACEBOOK!!! just kidding. I Love u Girl***

Juliette’s 27th bday

September 5, 2010

Today he gotta be exhausted… last night this little monster celebrated his bday and I could confirm my suspicions: JULIO HAS SO MANY FRIENDS!!! and we all know why: He’s a very thoughtful person… (edible orchids!!!). Ok Seriously, he’s a great mind with a big heart. I just love him and his blog!!! That’s why from blogger to blogger I wanna wish you the Very Best in Life, *Love*, and Work ;). I also would like to thank you for a very nice evening (full of vodka ¬¬).

Personally you are a  person I really enjoy to talk to (specially Britney vs Lady Gaga) so never change!!! and enjoy ur gifts!!! specially that nasty book that my mom would NEVER let me see 😉

Like a bride in India he changed his look 3 times!!!

time for goodbye??¿¿


I had so much fun Julio!!! You have a very nice flat, a very nice boyfriend, and the most stocked bathroom I ever seen in my life. I Loved all… 😉 See you tomorrow *Little Monster*

Happy Birthday *blooming* Tona!!!

August 14, 2010

D’ u remember that day??? It was in Sutton, a million years ago. This is exactly how I see you, smiling, always blooming.

If we go back into another million of years I can see you at Criminal Law Class, and me not really paying you attention.

I don’t know when we started to be so closed, but I love it. I want you to know You are a Super Star for me. And that’s why you deserve everything good that is happening to you (LOVE). And that’s what I wish for you this new year: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE

My little girl that knows all songs I love, and sings Britney as well as the real one…

😉 we are the LOVE GENERATION (remember our nights in singing Bob Sinclar) or I’m so Lucky Lucky…


La Paradeta

July 22, 2010

Last night we did a stop at La Paradeta, ‘cas Claire loves sea food, and it was her last night in BCN, so we didn’t have a choise. Anyway I can’t complain at all, dinner was a complete success!!! But we missed octopus!!! (¬¬)

Lovely Claire showing her fav souvenirs from Barcelona***

Bianca tried to make a little girl take us a photo… Then a “dirty fingers” man (no success at all). Anyway, we couldn’t make a pic of our table but it was plenty of seafood, white wine, and best wishes for Claire. After that we went to the Mythical “mojito 3.5€” bar

Right now Claire gotta be getting home. I just can say we will miss u a lot, specially Bianca . But I’m sure you’ll be back 😉

Lil’ Nurieta***

June 9, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This pic was taken a year ago I think, and even we can’t find a little time to spend together. I will always share that 2008 summer, that we worked at ECI. I had so much fun with you… the one that laughed all my gooffy momments (unforgettable shaking babies or the Coronel Tapiocca bag in the head). I would like to let you know I haven’t forgotten you. You are always in my mind and I wish you the best for ur birthday. Please call me to repeat laughs like the day in these pics. I love you***

Under spring rain

June 6, 2010

When I woke up this morning it was raining like crazy… I thought we were gonna change our plans, but nope… and I’m glad we didn’t. Yesterday was Neni’s bdays and today we celebrated together BBQing in Mura. It was raining but she absolutely worths this and more… She was kinda sad at the beggining ‘cas of the rain, but things worked well after all, ‘cas rain isn’t the end of the world right?

We were there to make it happen, `cas we love you Neni***

meat meat meat!!!! lots of Meat!!!

the people:

after big lunch, time for chilling out***

Time for cake & gifts:

Little Charlie

June 6, 2010

ok this is a story that started many many many years ago when I was living in Lima… This is Carlos Andres, and he’s part of my childhood, my little neighbour when I was 3 years old… He used to come to play to my house every afternoon, and even sometimes I was kinda cruel with him we ‘re still sharing good memories together. I’m glad I found him on facebook last year, and I’m glad he remembered me, and my kid cruelness (lol)… He knows I didn’t mean it***

Today is his birthday, and I want to wish Charlie the best in this life… ‘cas trust me when I say there’s people that become unforgettable, even when you’re 3 years old. It’s true!!!