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Chapa’s birthday party: EPIC!!!

March 28, 2011

There’s something about Chapa’s birthday parties that makes them THE BEST HOUSE PARTIES IN BARCELONA: THE PERUVIAN ELEMENT!!! It happend last year, and the year before… I always have the time of my life!!! I love you CHAPA!!!! your new home is absolutely warm and cute!!! congrats for you and Andrea!!!

I just love this couple!!! Chapa & andrea forever and ever!!! Best wishes for you both xoxo

 Chapa’s birthday is always a meeting point…


making noise:

with Romero:

ssshhh cops:

the fine:

the end:


Boqueria Market

March 21, 2011

When you visit a city, you can’t miss to visit their markets… I know I live in Barcelona but when I’m in a mood I take pictures everywhere… This market is pleasure for senses… so If you’re visiting Barcelona make sure make a stop… Martin did (almost everyday), it was his market, BCN is his city 😉


Martin looking for spanish ham:


March 21, 2011

Last week I was on holiday… First days weren’t very sunny so Tinus and I run all the MNAC museum, enjoying of catalan national art. I loved it (even we had to leave early ‘cas we were starving)…

 future artists 🙂

rain consecuences:

claudy view:


dreamnt enviorment:

Show me ur teeth!!!

March 13, 2011

Hello everybody!!!! I know it’s been a long while…

here are pictures from the night I broke my teeth ¬¬ yes alcohol can’t be any good so quit for your good, lol 😉


after falling down I didn’t feel like parting very much, but I had to ¬¬ It was too late for taking any train back home

Night wasn’t that terrible!!! I’d met another guy from Columbus Ohio!!! oh my!!! what a coincidence ;P lol

it was pretty fun…

but my teeth was the protagonist that night, everybody wanted me to smile ¬¬