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How to survive in Paris…

March 24, 2013

DSCN6219Hey! How are you guys? I’m feeling a lot better now, thanx for asking… (lol).

Well this weekend It’s been my first month here, and I’ve done many things and met many people.

At this point I can probably start giving  you some tips, my friends and I were think¡ng about, to survive in Paris (one of the most expensive cities in Europe) with very little money… not very much to be honest…

All of them have been absolutely tested…

Tip Number 1: Go to a Museum and pretend you’re a European student under 26 years old

This worked once to us, some of us were older than 26, or not students or not Europeans… and we got there. The trick: If you’re a group of girls always try to get a guy when buying the tickets. Smile and Voilá. Lol

Note! It’s not 100% guaranteed. A friend tried it another day and It didn’t work. That ‘cas they couldn’t avoid a girl when buying tickets 😦

Tip Number 2: Grocery a lot

Make sure you get loaded for starving moments… If it gets really cold, you can always get into a coffee shop, order something warm that matches with biscuits you got previously, and grab your handbag “under the table” (literally)… We’ve done it. Hilarious. Keep your handbag always loaded…

Tip Number 3: Recycling Shopping

Paris is well-known for its expensive boutiques… Well I would say, there’s another option to follow the trends: Second Hand Stores!!! Some are quite expensive, but some others are very interesting… like KILO SHOP ( ) or Free P Star (Next to Kilo Shop)

DSCN6189Or other shops you can find walking through Rue Vieille du Temple…

Tip Number 4; Look for Gastronomy Opennings

Good quality Food almost for free… I say almost ‘cas we had to pay our Spritzes (5€) but It’s absolutely worthy, ‘cas free mozzarella chesse is always tremendous!!!

Anyway, This is all for now… hopefully I can give you more tips soon…

Enjoy of the Sun if you have it. Tell him I say hello, It would be nice to meet someday… Geessh!!!


L’art n’est pas un crime

March 19, 2013


Hello everyone!!! I’m HORRIBLY SICK!!! I know sometimes we don’t want to listen to our bodies (or at least I didn’t want to last saturday) but when you feel a little shaky, just stay home 😉

Anyway here’s my brief chronic of a saturday that started “magnifique” and turned shady ‘cas of stupid cold!!! Lol

I was talking to a friend, and she said: well… a friend of a friend is doing an Art-performance at a Paris metro station, do you want to come?

Of course I asked for a little more information about the whole thing and I thought well… Why not? I can go and see “The friend of a friend of my friend” from a certain distance…

We met the group just when they were planning everything. Of course I wans’t planning on participate…  well… sometimes things just don’t go as u think they will I guess… so I became the “flyer demoiselle” which had to explain people what was that guy doing… Geesh Lol


The project is called ADbuster, where the artist turns into a walking billboard, offering people the chance to place any advertisement on him. I think a criticism to the usage of nudity in publicity. Why people don’t say anything when models show themselves with no clothes on? Why that absolut impunity? People is obviously paying more attention to the “naked” model than the product is been introduced. Well I wish I could say those double standards are the reason of my sickness today (lol), but they are not…

It was only cold and me trying to party hard that night… Who was I trying to lie??? Lol

Anyway, turning to the Project… Reactions were unbelievable… people covering children’s eyes, looking, not looking, smiling, taking pictures, grumbling… specially Pompidou Museum guards…

554976_572484536109777_393587637_nIronically the wall were we found “L’art n’est pas un crime” graffiti (Art is not a crime) was next to that museum

Personally, every performance capable to capture your attention and awake your senses, and at the same time able to motivate you in some sort of way is art, therefore not a crime my friend!!!

The artist is Mischa Badasyan, a young Russian fellow, who lives in Berlin, and I was very pleased to meet…

If you want to check his website:

That is a direct link to his ADbuster project work in other european capitals

I would like to thank Bianca for inviting me

and Michel Traverse for sharing some of his pics on this post. You can enjoy some of his work as well:

Hope to see you all someday somewhere somehow 😉

Good mornings in Normandy

March 15, 2013

DSCN6313Last week I’ve been to Normandy (Northern France), which is normally green (I’ve heard) but I saw white… so white

That’s actually a picture I took at 8am from my bedroom window, just when I woke up…

Anyway… It’s been cold and I didn’t have much chance to see all around, ‘cas of the snow, ‘cas of the transport, blah blah blah I just hope to see Normandy in normal conditions next time.

I had incredible cheese over there… my fave was the Camembert “fermière” cheese… incroyable!!!!  (I’m not a cheese fan but over there I almost became a believer, lol)

DSCN6314 DSCN6315firewood

DSCN6318This is me out of the refuge (not for very long to be honest)


Le Soleil

March 9, 2013

DSCN6197Bonjour my friends! It’s been my second week in Versailles and I hardly could see  “only” this. First week snow, then  clouds, then rain… always cold! While my family in Barcelona keeps showing me sunshine through Skype camara… Geesh. So this is me basically wishing a little bit of sunshine today!!! Cross your fingers!!!

Anyway, these pics I’m posting today are from the only one day I could see the sun. I just had a walk.

It’s been decent, not freezing… I’m just a little grumpy ‘cas I didn’t have enough sleep (thank you Bianca lol)

DSCN6200 When I visited Paris for first time I couldn’t visit Versailles., and that was something I never could forget… Of course I wasn’t wrong, I had to visit it. No matter what the weather circunstances are, it’s impossible to deny its beauty 🙂

DSCN6202I have more things to post. Don’t freak out!!! (lol, I know you don’t)…

On my winter captivity I’ve made great founds that I hope to share with you as soon as I can…

Later today Paris and tomorrow Normandy (no internet connection where I’ll stay Geesh)

Gros Bisous!!!