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bye bye 2009

December 31, 2009

LAst year I received the New year with Tom and some friends, out of Barcelona… ‘cas personally I think Barcelona is the worst place to spend new year’s eve if you don’t have a good plan… (drunk people everywhere LoL)

Anyway, even I don’t have plans for 2night, I have plans for the rest of the year, and one of them is spend some more time with people I care, and that means make transatlantic trips… ‘cas I missed you so much this 2009

I also have the best wishes for this 2010 to all my new & old friends, and family that is always there. Everything will be ok this year, I’m sure, I’m positive***

2009 TOP Memories***

We spent last new year’s eve in Andorra together, and I dont know why… but I think thanks to that we’ve spent plenty of nights on 2009 calendar. I just hope to be as close as now during 2010. Happy New year in Tirvia!!!

Now this year will be also unforgettable for me ‘cas working in a “not much future job” made me meet people that will always be in my heart. Like Alex “Modne”. Grumbling all day long we started a great friendship that I hope never lose. ‘cas when you wanna be funny, you are… and I wish u only success ‘cas YOU WORTH IT!!!!

She probably won’t read this, but this 2010 will be her year too… ‘cas she’ll be a sweet MUMMY, and I don’t want to miss any detail… of course I will never forget ur sexual life classes, or  ur lady ga ga blond look ( with my ray ban on). I just wish u the best for the family u’r building… I hope to be around this 2010

This year (as every year) u were as dummy & conny as usual… and I love it, u know I do. I just hope this year we can find a way to be together, ‘cas it’s being a long time, and u know I’m right (like always LoL). I love U

I know u hate when I post pics of u, but u look great in this!!!! I couldn’t help it… We had many moments together this year, but not enough… that’s why I promise u more coffees & pim pams this 2010. ‘cas u’r pretty much the only one friend that knows me since when I was fat (LoL), u know my “past” and I know urs, that’s why I appreciate very much our long friendship, and I hope everything goes perfect for u this new year. I luv ya 2***

I know we couldn’t spend many good times together this year but I wish to spend as unforgettable moments as this. I had so much fun that day with u. Laugh & cigarrettes describe our conversations… i love you  and u know it

You all know how much I love to travel, this 2009 I couldn’t do much, I cancelled one trip  to Rotterdam for work… but I can’t complain at all… I had a great view of “Pirineos” thanx to my friend Antoine. He travels a lot, and brings me a postal card from all his trips. I have my best wishes for u2*** only success (love & bussiness)***

I know I’m forgetting half of the world in this post, but that doesn’t mean I love u less… that means I don’t have a very good pic of u or just that this is being the longest post in Macchiato’s history (LoL), and i have to go to the grosery (last year purchases: GRAPES!!!)

Don’t stop dreaming this year…


Last night, Last pic…

December 27, 2009

Last night I had wonderful plans… but then I didn’t feel like goin’ anywhere… ‘cas my cam, my sweet little mate, had an accident… and this is the last pic it took… I still in shock … even that it isn’t the first cam that I lose, I just hope I can find one like this… ‘cas I love this cam!!! it was perfect.

I know there’s no reason to feel bad for something you can buy whenever you want, but I can’t help it, I love pictures, and my cam is my mate, is all time in my purse, and I can’t help to feel sad for it today…

just carping***

December 20, 2009

After a long day in bed (freezin’) I decided to hang out with my  little babies… Of course in winter time you don’t need to go so far away from home sweet & warm home, so La Carpa was our place. Like I said before I was freezing, so I couldn’t wear sexier (LoL)… actually instead of drinks we were asking for coffee… (Of course mine was a macchiato LoL)…

Apart of being the group’s good girl, I forgot to charge the cam… I know… I’m a disaster sometimes… but at least we could take this wonderful pic… (‘cas others were to forget) I’m sorry no bathery=not many options



December 19, 2009

This was our week plan, coffee, hamburguers & free salsa classes (this last was at Jose’s list only)… Of course I didn’t take any class ‘cas I’m a known expert LoL… anyway, I liked the place, tiny but very authentic… Shangó I think.

I hope to repeat soon…

LEO go for a hair cut please!!!!!!!!!!

ROME don’t forget to look for Cristian Meier on Google

TALI please visit Peru someday!!! (just kidding)

CHAPA & ANDREA see u at ur new year’s eve party(parents included)

JOSE look for a real ring for ROME…

HaPPy BirtHDaY to …

December 18, 2009

Of course you gotta get mature someday… I hope someday soon.


saturday night report

December 14, 2009

yeahhh I’m wearing that wonderful headdress I was so excited about last week.

Last night was very fun…  I’ve got late to my own bday dinner (LoL)… but they forgot it when they saw the “cake” on my head… Of course they were having fun with my hair style all the time. But walking down town an extranger told me he liked it (LoL)

Anyway dinner was good, but the most important was meeting people I was missing so much. I just hope to see them more often now…

Just one second older…

December 13, 2009

OK yesterday was my bday, and I started it just like other dec 12th, thinking nothing exciting was gonna happen… This story begins in Peru, when I decided to not celebrate it never again, ‘cas everybody had something more important to do… (study for final exams LoL) … Anyway years, months, days, hours or seconds. We grow up constantly and sometimes we don’t even notice it. Last week I’ve learnt that time is very valuable, and once lost, you can’t get it back… so I took another important decision in my life, celebrate everything… & have fun***

thanx to friends & family***

Sonia Rykiel @ H&M

December 5, 2009

First of all, Thanx to all the people that supported me votting my pic at the link I gave u some days ago!!! I know I didn’t win, and it was really hard but thank you anyway ‘cas you guys helped me to don’t give up on hope…

Anyway, let’s quit talking about my defeat (LoL), and start again with something really good, and I say really good ‘cas it is!!! One more time H&M does a big collaboration with a genious (I mean Sonia)… I went to see it this afternoon, and they really made a good job, I really recommend u to check a little over there. Just let me warn u they don’t have all pieces on every store…

Anyway my new acquisition it’s pretty similar to one I saw @ Sonia’s F/W 09 catwalk:

Of course I mean that wonderful headdress!!!!!!! yes I fell in love!!!  

 I just can say u can feel Sonia’s spirit on every piece, body, velvet, bow…   

Anyway, I can’t wait to wear it!!! probably next weekend***

Paranormal Activity

December 2, 2009

Last monday I went to watch Paranoral Activity with my mom… It’s kinda funny ‘cas she’s a big fan of all scary or mistery movies. She laughed with “The Exorcist”, so you guys can imagine what kind of company she is (LoL).

Anyway, she didn’t laughed this time. I could say it’s a decent movie, and get ur scare in some parts. Reminds you to “Blair’s Witch Project”, but good, I mean scary…

I must admit that when I left the theater I thouhgt It was a real story. I don’t mean the movie was made with real material, just that they’ve got inspiration from other material that could be real. Specially at the end when they say “they found Micah’s body after some days & they still looking for Katie”. Then I found out there were many versions…

my version:

Looking on the internet I found a version, where you couldn’t see Micah’s body. Only Katie appears with a knife and her top stained with blood, she sit next to the bed and stays in a kind of catatonic state until her friend comes, discovers Micah’s body downstairs & call the cops. Then they shoot her… Anyway, don’t hate me for telling u this if u were planning to go to watch it, just take it like additional information ‘cas on spanish theaters are playing another version.

I recommend you guys to go & watch it by urselves…

Just one more thing!!!! don’t u think Micah looks like Ben (Britney’s lover in “Crossroads”)???