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December 24, 2010

I must confess I didn’t know what this movie was about… I didn’t know the cast list… I went to the theater ‘cas I promised a friend

I just can say ths movie is too “chick flick” for me, but probably you like it ¬¬

It wasn’t a traditional “spanish movie”, I mean “no gays”, “no folk”, “no Almodobar”… It was the most “american” spanish movie I ever seen ¬¬

You can watch it with some water to help you digest so much “honey”, and so much “high class” from Barcelona…

Debo confesar que no sabía de qué iba ésta película, no conocía a los actores, de hecho fuí al cine porque se lo prometí a una amiga…

Sólo puedo decir que es muy “pastel” para mi, pero puede que os guste…

No es una película española tradicional, es decir “no hay gays”, “no hay folklore”, “no hay Almodóbar”… Fué la película española más americana que he visto…

Podeís verla con un poco de agua, para ayudar a digerir tanta “miel”, y tanta “clase alta” de Barcelona …


Our Numbers (El Gordo)

December 22, 2010


Ren’s Day

December 20, 2010

Sorry for not posting on the right day…

Best wishes!!! and please STUDY HARD!!!

I ❤ you

This pic was taken before Ren’s bday dinner, I like it 😉


December 20, 2010

This was a night where I could meet my two busy friends Angi and Tona… After a couple drinks for Marta, and a couple beers for me… we had a very hard shoots session with bar’s owner, who was calling me Tibetan all night long (cas of my “russian” hat)… It was an interesting night for a thrusday night in Terrassa (I must confess ¬¬) …

“They don’t let us let you smoke joint” it says…

I won’t post any other picture ‘cas I don’t want you girls kill me ¬¬ (trust me)

The Pequeños Monsters

December 20, 2010

I remember that day like it was yesterday… It was 9am, I was on the train on my way to work and I started reading facebook updates… everybody was posting they were already in the line, or that they had people in line keeping a place for them… I freaked out and I called my brother (who was in bed yet), I asked him to wake up and go there!!!

He found people camping out there… and running like crazy to “fake door opennings”…

In the line we found some Tokio Hotel fans, and they said organisation then was wide better, many cops controlling crazy teenagers 😮

We saw some of “Fisica y Quimica” (spanish series) cast member… of course I can’t tell you his name ‘cas I don’t even watch it (and I don’t remember)… I just know he’s one of the gays (don’t ask me which ¬¬)

  The Best part is feeling that thousands of souls are waiting for the same thing…. wavessss, wavesss, wavessss….

 Here we are with Catalan Gagas

And Ren goofing with his fancy crayon glasses (inspired on cigarrettes glasses Gaga wears on Telephone’s video) that’s what I call originality 😉

Lady Gaga in Barcelona

December 20, 2010

An hour ago Lady Gaga posted on Facebook they had to cancel tonight’s concert in Paris… that reminded me I hadn’t posted anything from her concert here in Barcelona, last Dec 7th

As you can see I was kinda far… but that didn’t stop us for dancing her world wide known singles or master pieces of her last album “Monster Fame”… we trully had the time of our lives, but I wish screans were a little bigger ¬¬ so I’ll post only what my “powerfull” camara zoom could take 😉



She said We all were born Superstars (and I agree)

She said I don’t care about money, I don’t care about cars, I DO care about fashion… (I agree as well) ¬¬

When Evelyn is in Barcelona…

December 20, 2010

Last summer I’d met Evelyn and Javi at a “Law firm”, and we used to youtube and talk every morning before Mrs. N. (LoL) came to “work”… Summer ended and Evelyn had to go back to Frankfurt, I left, Javi left… but everytime Evelyn come to Barcelona is a good excuse to have a Mc Flurry at same Mc Donald’s ¬¬ Javi wanted Jamon Serrano before (after his “story” about how they make hamburguers in Mc Donald’s) he had to admit Mc Flurry was very good…

another beer??


Evelyn have a safe trip!!! and come back soon!!!


December 17, 2010

In a previous post I told you best part of Vegas is that you could walk New York City plus ride a roller coaster 😉

As busy a the real Big City… I will never forget once we left Bellagio’s at 1am looking for a slice of pizza, we only could find at New York New York!!!  

The Most Fashionista!!!

December 13, 2010

This is the print that started everything!!!

I told you guys we were about to start a little project with my bro, to get some money for a trip…

These are some of the prints we’re offering for only 20 €!!!


My BDay Dinner

December 12, 2010

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I wanted to eat peruvian food for my Bday and I did it!!! I saw many of you enjoying with food and believe me: that was the Best Gift you could ever give me!!!

I know most of you didn’t even hear about peruvian food before, that’s why I’m glad you enjoyed my choise… and when I saw people asking pisco sours… it was lovely!!! thank you!!!!

I would like to thank as well to every person that came last night, ‘cas I know we’re in december, I know people need extra money to buy gifts, people work on sunday, people this, people that… I’m concerned about the effort most of you did last night. that’s why I have a big THANK YOU for you (again ¬¬)

Thanx again for your wonderful voices singing Happy Birthday!!!

Thanx Pato for your Cheesecake

Thanx Claire and Nuria for coming!!!! and for the gift, I really didn’t expect it!!! Thank you

Thanx Guru people for ur patience, for waiting!!!

Thanx Romero and Vicente for coming even you didn’t know anybody there

Thanx Neni for helping me on every detail!!! and for ur patience when I was getting a “little” stressed ¬¬

Thanx Ferran for carring cheesecake for a while 😉