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Inside the Art Institute of Chicago walls

January 31, 2013

563902_10151138657679221_55675230_nHi everyone. Last post was about my last trip to Chicago, which was amazing!!! I just wanted to dedicate a special post to one of my very fave stops during that week. That was the Art Institute of Chicago. I absolutely recommend you to visit this museum. I’d been to many, and this is one of the best around the World.

62555_10151138658279221_1043119126_nOf course the museum Master Piece is American Gothic by Grant Wood. I loved the message and loved the frame lol

DSCN4176Apart of the amazing painting collection they have, there’s a beautiful environment to enjoy over there…DSCN4168Of course this visit was in November, so you’ll may need to update yourself at the website to plan your visit. Right here I just can show you what I’d got to see…

20th Century furniture pieces & Deco

76212_10151138657734221_1019454451_n227570_10151138657789221_1268002046_n481062_10151138657929221_2102781561_n561630_10151138658059221_974129960_nAnd a Textile and Patchwork exhibition of the 18th & 19th Century

Beautiful Quilts

DSCN4137DSCN4138DSCN4139DSCN4140DSCN4142DSCN4144 DSCN4145

Hope you get as much inspiration with this post as I did with my visit. I really really hope to go back 🙂



January 17, 2013


Hello cupcakes lovers all around the world!!! I know what you’re thinking… But I’m not a baker sorry… I just wanted to join the cupcakes fever in some sort of way. That’s why I started to make my own pillow cases and pennants to decorate bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, gardens, everywhere!!! and make our tea parties more fun 🙂




These are just little examples that I used at home…



Every item is unique and totally homemade, just like what you bake at home 🙂

Life Updates

October 14, 2012

Hello everybody!!! Don’t kill me for not posting anything!!! I promise I will start brand new with all my new projects. Now I cook, and make patchwork stuff, so I have other little interests to share with you. Hope you like them 😀

What a Valentine :)

February 16, 2011

Tom likes surprises, I don’t… and he enjoys so much when I don’t know what is gonna be my gift. I promise I was waiting behind the door all excited. It didn’t come up on monday. Lazy spanish mail service ¬¬ it finally arrived next day (yesterday), and it was perfect. Of course for most of u could be just a normal LV handbag, for me is it’s a lot more, ‘cas even it isn’t what I was waiting first… I know he took his time to choose what was gonna be perfect for me. He spent an hour trying to decide between many handags and I promise he did it so well that I almost can’t believe it!!!: not too big like shopping bag and not too small… I love it

Now guys here you have my new best friend: my LV TOTALLY PM 😉



You know what Valentine…

February 14, 2011

when I say I love you I really mean it…

Today and everyday I wake up thinking about you…

I know our relation is different and that’s why I’m proud of us for getting here today, I just can’t wait to be your girl…

You know I tell you everyday, but today I want everybody knows how Trully Maddly Deeply in love with you I am…

I LOVE YOU RF more than anybody in this world, life, galaxy will…  

You’re and will always be my mate, bunny conny palmy goofy…

I’m yours***

pd: Mail box isn’t here yet ;P


January 2, 2011

This last year I lived amazing experiences and met unbelievable people… I just wanna thank all this people for what they gave me in 2010 and wish the very best for every little of you for this 2011 that just started… I said it: THE VERY BEST!!!!


2nd Quart here I GO!!!

December 12, 2010

Oh yes… I’m officially 25!!! the thing is that I was feeling 25 months ago, and I don’t know why… I just remember in Vegas everybody was asking for my ID, and once a bartender asked me how old I was (while looking at my passport) and I said 25… but Tom was there to correct me: “You’re still 24, Dummy Poodle!!!”

I think I was waiting on this day so bad to Thank all the people that had been around… I’d learnt a lot from each of you. You all are a little reason of how I am today… 

for some reason (probably sunny day in Barcelona) I feel hopefull about today, and the future… just want to thank again for Facebook messeges, SMS, calls, and all those best wishes that made me feel loved. I love you too 😀

My strike

September 29, 2010

I read this morning in a newspaper a general Strike is an exceptional situation… and I’m so glad it is

don’t take me wrong, I agree with their reasons, actually I think their reasons are my reasons…

I’m just a new graduated, and personally I don’t see any opportunity around… only obtacles or bosses saying they had to spend three years doing practices without receiving any money back… Sorry but I can’t afford that precariousness eigther… I have bills to pay!!!

Yes!!! I’m against all the people that want to take advantage of “cheap payment” students, They just piss me off…

Anyway I think destroying public property isn’t the best way… ‘cas we’re gonna have to pay it anyway…

Personally I didn’t enjoy this strike… first I had to work, but trains were working only minimum services, which means train since 6 til 9am… and I work at 2pm… yes I couldn’t help to poker face my boss when she was telling me I had to come to work :/

Then I went to Barcelona, but finally I didn’t have to work (thank you piquets), and also didn’t have a way to go home :/ (triple murder!!!)   

Yes, today was really stressful for everyone… thanx God General strikes are exceptional, aren’t they?

Baby Blue

September 26, 2010

He is the reason why I wasn’t posting anything on Macchiato 😛

A week ago we were spending our last sunday together, and it was quiet, lovely and heartbreaking (as usual)… ‘cas everytime I convince myself I’m used to say goodbye, but I can’t help missing him as much as I do.

As I said an hour ago (coffee time) the worst time is to do the same way back home after leaving him at the airport… thanks God I have the best friends in the world (and a job that kept my mind busy)!!!


Good News***

July 25, 2010

On Monday I had a saturday night plan. We were going to a club with people from my job. Cool!!!

On Wednesday Xavi from my practice tells me about a wonderful party plan at the beach, and I say No ‘cas I already had a “rendez vous”

that afternoon, plan A got cancelled, so on Thursday I was telling Xavi I was going to the beach party

Thursday night I receive a BBM messege from Neni saying she wants to go to La Carpa… guess what!!! I said No ‘cas I already had a “rendez vous”

This morning I call Xavi, and he says he doesn’t have a car so he has to go at 3pm with his friends, can’t wait til I get out of work!!!

So I sent a BBM messege to Neni saying Carpa or Home??? Of ourse she said Carpa. Then, some hours ago, she said “Plan change!!! we’re haging out by Terrassa”… While I was “poker facing” she finally said magical question: D’ u feel like comin’??? I thought Thanx God I have a choise!!! No baby I don’t feel like going anywhere, I’m so tired to get decent to be in public!!! I promised I was going with her to the beach tomorrow, and I can’t wait!!! But tonight I need a break!!!

After that glorious Freedom moment I could chat with Tom on Skype and guess what??? yes!!! He already booked his flight!!! 🙂