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“Do It Yourself” Fever in Paris

October 28, 2014


This morning I openned the newspaper and I saw that Marie Claire magazine organises a Salon “Do It Yourself” (Logo above) in Paris. I just know I don’t want to miss it. I know it’s not the first one, but I’m “almost” new in the town so I can’t help to be excited about it. For me this is THE discovery of the month!!!

This obsession started almost three years ago when I moved from my old flat. Back then, I asked my ex-boss (now a very close friend) if she knew somebody available to help me to paint my new appartment’s walls. She openned a whole new World when she told me I could do it by myself. She just told me how to… and that’s how everything started. She created a monster!!! After walls, drills, lamps… I decided to purchase a sewing machine to make my own curtains, What an investment! Then I found a patchwork quilt project in an old Marie Claire magazine. I showed my friend the article and We both decided we had to have that quilt!!! I started it in Barcelona with her and I finished it alone in Paris. She was my guide but my obsession helped me to finish.

My obsession is also making me read plenty of books I hope to use as inspiration for new creations very soon…


Also in the kitchen…


So I hope to be ready for this Salon 🙂

Here’s a picture of my quilt finished!!! it’s not that great for patchwork profesionals but I’m so proud of it!!! 10155593_10152169871699221_7623172871765200252_n

I know, It’s a fever!!!

More info about this Salon at: