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things I’ll never forget…

February 28, 2010

Yesterday I was listening Empire State of mind, but Alicia playing alone version. During this month I’ve been reading a book, which story happens in London. NYC & london are cities we find everywhere. Tv, radio, extranger’s Tshirts, movies, news, magazines, websites, etc. Whatever. Personally I wanted to go to London since I was 12. When I was a fan of 90’s brit pop, and wanted to date Liam Gallagher (yeah everybody has a past, LoL). The thing is that last night somebody reminded me London. And that made me realize cities become unforgettable for people that light and inspire that city. If cities were empty, they would be completely dark & without any experience to talk about when u go back home. Tourism industry wouldn’t exist. ‘cas it wouldn’t be very smart to see a place without any wit. Anyway that’s why I wanted to say there’s unforgettable people, that suddenly comes to my mind everytime I hear a song, I see a movie, I tell a story … Like London(that I mention pretty much everyday, LoL). I’ve got a lot of inspiration there and that’s why I named my blog like this. One of my favourite places there was Covent Garden, where I found that Tshirt of “You rock, You rule”. And macchiato is a word I will never forget. Specially ‘cas the first day I tried to get my typical “cortado”, I had to explain to a portuguese waiter what I wanted and it took him a while to get my order… after that he told me: “order a macchiato next time”, and winked to me. And that’s what I did every morning of that 2008 september. Another example of how hard is to forget something or somebody with just saying a word…     


that I, I, I’m so Hard

February 27, 2010

Never deny a second chance to a club. I remember  I went to Otto Zutz 3 years ago Music was fine but I never found a reason to go back. Last night I had so much fun, music was very R&B (how I like it LoL). In the other hand we had many things to celebrate:

– Bianca’s bday

– Bianca’s back from Peru

– Pay day

– saturday off from work 

– reunion with people I haven’t seen in YEARS!!! (Annika) and Months (Bianca & Carlos)

They played one of our favourite tunes: Hard from Rihanna’s new album. Ren & I were havin’ our karaoke time in the line (LoL)

Anyway I just can’t wait to repeat guys. Thanx for drinking my purse!!! It was kinda heavy (LoL). This was afterNinfas***

the couple:

at the club:

Bianca’s tan after a month of beach in Peru***

An “eastern” german (don’t u know a thing called cellphone?) speakig english, an austrian speaking peruvian, and a colombian speaking german… of course an andalusian speaking spanish, and a peruvian speaking andalusian… I know it’s confuing, but that’s how it was last night. That’s another thing you couldn’t find in another city.

yeaaaah I was havin’ fun

the freaks:

Last pic, goodnight:

After that Ren & I bought chocolate muffins & bread to walk home***


February 26, 2010

Happy birthday my sweetheart … I know you gotta be really tired now after a long flight. But it’s never late to let u know how important u r. not only to me. I want for u only success in life & love.

hopefully u’r having a nice trip right now. Can’t wait to see u tomorrow!!! I must confess I really was expecting  on the BigiDay

Planeta Imaginario @ Luz de Gas

February 21, 2010

People!!! in 2 weeks u have a date with Jazz @ Luz de Gas. To listen more check on:


sounds like a great plan for a monday night***

girls just wanna have fun

February 21, 2010

I have a new definition in my mind: “parked car drinking”.

That let u have deep conversations about… boys, friends, make up… (LoL). OK our conversation wasn’t very deep but we had so much fun last night… where else?¿: La Carpa (again) (LoL). Same people, same music, different energy. Alex joined to the party duo, and was the star of the night. Even she didn’t jump to the podium like Neni and I. She was doing something a while better: Making friends and getting free vodka shots.

first moments:

I can’t complain at all. Last night I was very warm I know… But it’s winter!!! so “let me be” (LoL)

the looks:

Of Course Alex stole my furs (LoL). These are Alex fur moments:


love expression:


my girls:

party team:

Everything about Machu Picchu

February 20, 2010

This post is dedicated to Cris, and to all the people that had watched Callejeros Lima, the other day. ‘Cas Machu Picchu is not in Lima (LoL). and of course is not the name of Aida’s peruvian waiter. I’ll try to explain you a little about it, of course I’m not an expert, but I’ll try my best. Since 2007 Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders and believe me when I say I know why. It’s amazing!!! History says it was built on XV century. And it was used like residence of one of the first Incas (Pachacutec) and also like a religious sanctuary. Landscape ‘d got there is  unbelievable. And the energy you can feel there is very strong. I didn’t believe this until I’d got there in 2002. But pics I’ll show u now are from a trip we did on 2007.

Like I said before Machu Picchu is not in Lima. That means: once in Lima, You’re still a long way away… but it worths it. trust me. More than an hour in a plane from Lima to Cusco. And four hours in a train ’til “Aguas Calientes” (town below Machu Picchu Mountain). I have to warn you they don’t live with feathers in their head, their money is pretty much the US dollar (thanx to the turism), and you can also find a tampax there (LoL). After all that long trip, you ALSO gotta take a bus, up to the mountain… ‘cas we’re not olimpic climbers (LoL)

Machu Picchu was hidden by herb during centuries. And supposedly was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911

Inside Machu Picchu

the team:

Vives Fierro: urbs picturata

February 17, 2010

This painting exhibition will be on “Sala Rusinyol” @ St Cugat (my town). I just can say the visual result is amazing…


February 16, 2010

Valentine’s day in Peru is not only the lovers day, is also the friendship day so I hope all my friends in the World had a great day!!!! I love u all. One of my old friends told me: friends are the family we choose, and she was right.

Some people could think I forget them, but trust me I don’t and I won’t. People walked with me during my childhood until today. People that has my confidence and will always have it.  ‘Cas good friends are very important in life. And specially ‘cas good friends are forever… I have friends that I don’t talk to in years and they are still in my heart. 

I appreciate people is with me right now: january 2010 that I don’t have a coin in my bank account. Friends that count coins with me to ask for a drink in a club, friends that offer me their help no matter what, without waiting anything from me then. Those will be my  real friends in life. ‘cas VIPeeps in a club are not always that nice when u don’t have more money to ask for another Moët. That’s why I want to say hello to all the real people I’d met in life, and people I’m knowing now. People make u feel well in good times, and people try to make u feel even better in bad’s. Friends that are and were there ALWAYS.

Six in the city

February 15, 2010

Today is a very special day ‘cas exactly six years ago I arrived to this wonderful city. You all know how much I love Barcelona, I’ve grown up very much since I’m here, and I think I would be a different person if I wouldn’t had come. Anyway, I’m very grateful ‘cas I’ve learnt  a lot of its people. I had so many good & bad experiences that I’d survived to. I’d gained so many stories here. I’d met so many people, and some friends that I hope I can keep forever. I’d been homesick here, but I’d also felt homesick for Barcelona. I have such a long list of feelings about this city. But I think the most important thing I’ve learnt here is to love my country and to feel proud of where I’m from. `cas You don’t know how hard is to be far from home until you really are. And even sometimes I feel that I’m like bird (I don’t know where my home is), just like Nelly Furtado’s song, Barcelona has a big part of my heart.

I love Spain and Catalonia, Catalans and Immigrants. Everybody ‘d shown me to love my roots just like I never did when I was in Peru. I just can say Thank you.

I would like to share with you a sunny afternoon in my Bcn. You actually can find anything, any day, any walk …


OMG!!! shocking news***

February 11, 2010

I can’t believe it!!! Alexander Mc Queen was a genious and I can’t believe he won’t be around anymore. He was such an inspiration to the last decade of fashion lovers… I knew his designs in 2001 and I loved them. He was creative and outrageous. His designs are more a piece of art than clothes. And like an art lover, I feel really sorry. I’m in shock.