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Remember Windy City

January 29, 2013


Hi everyone!!! Today I’m very crafty, thinking about new ideas and projects, but good memories are always there. I just wanted to share a little part of me in Chicago. The cleanest largest city I ever been to!!! Hopefully my experience helps you to make any decision when travelling over there 🙂

First of all I gotta admit Chicago was a little bit expensive… at least more expensive than Ohio. Hotel was OK, but that room was seriously super small!!! We were downtown (Obviously). We did have a lot of time, but we’re lazy so actually we didn’t do as much as other tourists do lol

We went to Hancock Center Observatory and Willis Tower… I would say Willis Tower experience was much better. Those glass balconies are pretty fun. You have a very nice restaurant at Hancock building so you can eat and have the same view (check restaurant prices and DRESS CODE!!!). We actually didn’t do it ‘cas we were looking for a Chill out place (We ended up in Hard Rock Cafe)

Here’s my pic in a glass balcony. I don’t look great but I want you all see I did it!!! (scary)

60110_10151138656419221_302062466_nTalking about restaurants. You have the Chop House. A “must” if you are a steak lover!!! It was really good… As good as the steak we had in Vegas (Eiffel Tower Restaurant-Paris Hotel)… If I still remember after 2 years, it is ‘cas it was REALLY GOOD 🙂 Just two more comments about the Chop House: First, Al Capone used to eat there, or that’s what we’d heard and Second, service needs to slow down, I guess I’m not ready for that kind of “energetic service”

486664_10151138663019221_1271058984_nAnother good one was Giordano’s. I tried stuffed pizza for first time and It was very good. I would have another in two years… As a friend of mine would say: five seconds of pleasure in your mouth, and the rest of your life on your hips…644640_10151138593314221_1309116606_nlook at this monster baby…

247392_10151138593109221_636359335_nAnother restaurant I remember is the Grand Lux Cafe… the place was great, but food wasn’t that memorable… or it may wasthat I didn’t order the right thing. Anyway here’s a pic of my Grand Lux Cebiche:

539390_10151138597194221_1173479157_nOf course we went to Hard Rock Cafe (which is in front of the Chop House), always good. Good beer and relaxed enviroment (and service!!!)

More things about Chicago…. it’s windy and lovely

To feel the wind there’s nothing better than Navy Pier

430043_10151138663224221_1186287463_nbeautiful lighthouse

430467_10151138664124221_2107445151_nIf you are thinking about taking any of the cruises offered, take the river one!!! It’s the best. It goes fast and you’ll get a quick history refresh

430121_10151138665644221_392909230_nI seriously made so many pictures on that cruise that I  just will let you take yours….

Just don’t miss the opportunity to walk over the city… It will surprise you all you can find just around the corner 😀




December 17, 2010

In a previous post I told you best part of Vegas is that you could walk New York City plus ride a roller coaster 😉

As busy a the real Big City… I will never forget once we left Bellagio’s at 1am looking for a slice of pizza, we only could find at New York New York!!!  

Paris (Las Vegas)

December 10, 2010

There’s something I liked about Vegas, and that’s that you can visit le rues du Paris and New York sidewalks the same day (or night)… this post is for Paris Cassino, where we made some dollars Tom lost at Bellagio later… yep we had fun 😉


Fabulous Las Vegas

December 10, 2010

This post is not enough to show you all I lived, saw and laughed in Vegas… It’s the kind of city I promise myself to go back!!! it’s simply great fun!!!


Can’t wait to go back!!!!

Dinner at Eiffel Tower

November 26, 2010

There’s an Eiffel Tower in Vegas, and there’s a restaurant there… we had Fillet Mignon together with Bellagio’s fountain in front of our table… a very sweet saturday night dinner… unbelievable view of Vegas Strip… it’s definitely the most romantic option in Sin City 😉 and stake was “incroyable”!!!

* it’s only a little “very” expensive, a whim 😉

In-n-Out Burguer

November 26, 2010

Tom says they have the best hamburguer in the U.S., I had it and it was pretty good… so good that I wanted to go there before to go to the airport… after eating there 5 times ¬¬

Grand Canyon and 1st helicopter ride

November 26, 2010


This post is gonna be my favorite from this trip… Tom knew I wanted to visit the Canyon but he was kinda scared to ride a helicopter, after all we made it together… we survived and I really encourage all of you to visit the Canyon, is Grand…

Vegas from the heliport:

I’m back ;)

November 24, 2010

Hello everybody!!! yes I’m back in Barcelona, which is good but heartbreaking at the same time ‘cas I left my “Shaggy”, “My Buttering”, my always loved “Cony”, “palm tree”, “hot lady”, “weak princess”…  I’m back from our latest adventure: Las Vegas, city where days were longer than usual (probably ‘cas I used to wake up at four in the morning everyday…)

I know I’d missed many things in Vegas, but I’ll explain you little by little what I’d been doing… after all I just can say you can’t go there only once in a lifetime 😉

What Chapa missed that tuesday night ;)

September 26, 2010

Tom’s favorite peruvian plate is Lomo Saltado…

Mine is Cebiche, of course…

When I told Tom we were going to the peruvian restaurant, he couldn’t help thinking in Lomo Saltado (all day long)…

I just wish Chapa could had come that night :/

Have a virtual cheers with my pisco sour :p

Deserved Reward

September 26, 2010

After a long (very long) walk, I couldn’t say no to this proposition: a New York Strip Steak at Hard Rock Cafe:

A 21-day-aged, center-cut, 12 oz. New York strip steak grilled to your liking and topped with Merlot-garlic butter. Served with White Cheddar smashed potatoes, gravy and fresh vegetables

now you understand why Tom has that face in that pic 😉